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[case study] How to attract 5000 people to an event at a mall?


In December, in the Forum shopping centre in Gliwice, a long-awaited concert of the well-known singer Margaret took place. The event attracted several thousand people to the shopping centre, who came especially for the concert from all over the region. Usually, a standard set of communication activities is used for such events. Most shopping centres ...

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Poke-marketing, or how to promote local business with Pokemon GO

Adult people running around in parks and looking for virtual creatures, caramboles on the highway caused by the appearance of a rare specimen, people knocking on foreign homes and entering foreign gardens just because the game took them there. We have no doubt - Pokemon GO is again, as it was at the beginning of the 21st century, taking over the world. Pokemon GO is ...

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Facebook contests. How to do an FB contest - ideas, types, draw

Facebook contests

Facebook, contests and contest applications with prizes. What do you need to know about the FB when you organize a contest. Facebook contests that engage - guarding the rules, that is how to organize them legal. How to do a draw on the fb? On our Facebook feed we see contests every now and then - and no wonder. It is very ...

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