Thursday , April 2 2020
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5 free Apps for Android that will improve your work with Dropbox.


Consider increasing the functionality of your already successful Dropbox account by using the features of your smartphone or tablet on Android. There are currently several free apps that you can download for free from Google Play that will make your Dropbox even more versatile than before. Here you can read about five of them. Plain.txt ...

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4 Google Chrome extensions for YouTube users who are passionate about YouTube


Useful extensions to Google Chrome for YouTube fans YouTube boasts a powerful empire of more than billions of users worldwide who generate billions of views every day. If you have contributed to these stunning statistics, why not promote yourself while you usually upload videos to YouTube using ...

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Add-ons, extensions and plugins to Google Chrome for Facebook users


From this article you will learn what the FB visitors extension is, what the Facebook plug-ins for Chrome are and why it is worth downloading them. Plugins, extensions and add-ons for Google Chrome for Facebook Facebook Facebook is currently used by more than one billion active users every day, which, according to research conducted by Brandwatch, means ...

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Tresorit, Spideroak, Moses - Safe Encrypted Cloud for Business

tresorit-spideroak-mozy reviews

In a documented case, a federal judge in Minnesota approved a fine of approximately $10 million for violations that led to the leakage of credit and debit card information from customers. Another time, a hacker attack on the Apple cloud resulted in intimate photos of celebrities being made available to the public and a defamatory disclosure of customer data by Ashley Martin, who ...

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Free Editors for editing, retouching and editing images online

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Image processing, retouching and photomontage have never been so easy. In this article we answer the question what editor and program for processing, editing and retouching images online and for free is the best? Good quality content on the Internet is not only a perfectly selected and well thought-out topic, developed issues and the whole ...

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Poke-marketing, or how to promote local business with Pokemon GO

Adult people running around in parks and looking for virtual creatures, caramboles on the highway caused by the appearance of a rare specimen, people knocking on foreign homes and entering foreign gardens just because the game took them there. We have no doubt - Pokemon GO is again, as it was at the beginning of the 21st century, taking over the world. Pokemon GO is ...

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