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Useful Chrome Extensions


Useful and interesting extensions and additions under Google Chrome From an extension for Chrome that allows you to send an email from Gmail as an SMS, to one that automatically includes your email address and credit card number in the form field - it looks like Chrome lovers will soon ...

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4 Google Chrome extensions for YouTube users who are passionate about YouTube


Useful extensions to Google Chrome for YouTube fans YouTube boasts a powerful empire of more than billions of users worldwide who generate billions of views every day. If you have contributed to these stunning statistics, why not promote yourself while you usually upload videos to YouTube using ...

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Add-ons, extensions and plugins to Google Chrome for Facebook users


From this article you will learn what the FB visitors extension is, what the Facebook plug-ins for Chrome are and why it is worth downloading them. Plugins, extensions and add-ons for Google Chrome for Facebook Facebook Facebook is currently used by more than one billion active users every day, which, according to research conducted by Brandwatch, means ...

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5 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Gmail Users

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Google Chrome and Gmail Extensions - what's worth knowing about messages, mail and backup. Is your Gmail account the main hub for personal and corporate correspondence? So consider matching this with a set of ingenious extensions you can use with Google Chrome. The following five tools for your browser ...

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