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Facebook and Movies - how to download (download) a movie from fb

how to download the fb movie

On Facebook, we can watch, download, share and add videos. Recently, Facebook has added a new functionality for its users. With Facebook Watch, we can watch and save videos that will be of interest to us. How to download (download) a video from FB There are different methods of downloading videos from Facebook depending on the ...

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Facebook launches personal payments in the UK.


Facebook has launched a personal payment service in the UK, extending the reach of the social network to financial services by gaining market shares reserved by Apple. The Messenger application of the American technology giant allows users to instantly send money back and forth to their mobile phones or computers free of charge. Simply add a payment card to your account ...

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Group on FB - ownership by founder or community in the context of closing the fb business group for women


The beginning of July was marked by an affair and a storm that shook the world of seemingly enterprising women. The women's group led by Urszula Bielska - Phelep was closed and archived by its administrator, and the administrator herself offered to take part in a new group, but not all of them will be admitted. The new group was launched ...

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Facebook has again blocked right-wing fanpage - discrimination or censorship


At the end of July, Facebook was inundated with a wave of indignation over another blocking of some sites and fanpages. It turned out that in just one day, as many as 300 right-wing places that violated Facebook's rules or were simply duplicating content from other places were blocked or liquidated. Such an action was widely criticized in the community as ...

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Add-ons, extensions and plugins to Google Chrome for Facebook users


From this article you will learn what the FB visitors extension is, what the Facebook plug-ins for Chrome are and why it is worth downloading them. Plugins, extensions and add-ons for Google Chrome for Facebook Facebook Facebook is currently used by more than one billion active users every day, which, according to research conducted by Brandwatch, means ...

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Workplace by Facebook - 10 reasons to start using


2 billion active users per month, of which 307 million in Europe. Facebook can boast of such statistics. For many companies, this result is virtually unattainable despite many factors such as a huge budget or the ideal moment to enter the market. These figures show how many people know the specifics of Facebook and know ...

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Messenger BOT - how to take care of your customers, saving time and costs.


Nowadays, it is the responsibility of a respectable brand to use social media to contact its customers. In building a modern marketing strategy, you cannot overlook the Facebook-connected Messenger, which is already used by more than 1.2 billion active users! You would like to make your brand stand out from the rest and attract ...

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How to permanently and permanently delete and liquidate your Facebook account

how to delete an fb account

In this article we will tell you whether and how to delete and liquidate your account and profile on fb Creating a Facebook account is just a few clicks, confirmation and registration ready. Removing it is almost like logging out of the world altogether. It requires a dozen or so confirmations, a grace period, waiting and another confirmation, because the portal gives you ...

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Ideas for activating restaurant fans on fanpage and offline.

Running a restaurant is an extremely difficult task. It requires a lot of different areas of the restaurant's operation, including shopping, cooking, proper guest service and, of course, promotions. It is said that business without advertising is like letting go of an eye to a girl in a dark room. You seem to be doing something, but nobody knows what. One of the very ...

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Grey took over the ChatBot on Fan Page Multikino


Multikino chain of cinemas, on the occasion of the premiere of "The Darker Side of Grey" prepared a competition, which is conducted using ChatBot on Fan Page of Multikino Polska on The conversation on ChatBot is conducted by Grey. The main prize in the competition is a helicopter flight over Warsaw with the actor Mikołaj Roznerski. On February 9th in Multikino chain it will be ...

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What could be the reasons for not converting from ads to Facebook? pic

Learn about the 3 main reasons why you don't have conversions from your Facebook ad. You will find out what you can do about them and what to look out for. First, for the purpose of this article, I'll give you an idea of two concepts. The first one is conversion. If the landing page was visited by 100 people and the form ...

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18 mistakes when creating an ad on Facebook

Making a good Facebook advertising campaign requires avoiding the most common mistakes. They make the campaign unsuccessful and not producing the intended results. Everyone makes mistakes. Yes, you do too! You certainly have more mistakes than successes. It is important to draw conclusions from them. You can also teach instead of making your own...

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FB posts and posts - How to find an interesting idea? - 15 ideas for FB posts

Are you looking for ideas for cool posts and posts on Facebook? This article is for you. Surely, like many other Facebook users, you have a problem with the creativity of posts on your fan page or group. You need ideas for cool, interesting but also effective posts and posts on fb - this article is ...

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Facebook Live - Practical Tips for Successful Broadcasting

facebook live

  Add a good description. . Before the broadcast starts, you will be asked by the portal to give a description of the video. This is very important because on its basis potential viewers will decide whether to watch your live. This is equivalent to the headline of the article or the title of the blog posts. You can change this description later after the video is finished, ...

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Facebook contests. How to do an FB contest - ideas, types, draw

Facebook contests

Facebook, contests and contest applications with prizes. What do you need to know about the FB when you organize a contest. Facebook contests that engage - guarding the rules, that is how to organize them legal. How to do a draw on the fb? On our Facebook feed we see contests every now and then - and no wonder. It is very ...

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Facebook Live Video - Broadcast live. You Tube may feel uncomfortable

Facebook Live Video Blog Post

Facebook and YouTube are two platforms which do not need to be presented to anyone in Poland. Both of them have, it would seem, an established position, not to move. Facebook is slowly introducing, country by country, its live-streaming Facebook Live Video application. Periscope, Google Hangout, Blab, Meerkat - they are not a threat. Each, however, for a different reason. Invasive ...

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Wrr instead of a complaint? What will be the effect of the new Facebook responses.

Emoji face

Looking through our Facebook feed we can find everything - photos of friends from holidays, photos of friends' children, their dogs and cats, the whole spectrum of emotional states and activities, from "lazy", through "enlightened", "pissed" to "changing the world" and "fulfilling wishes". We see who travels where and with whom. We pour, we comment. Suddenly ...

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Facebook and 6 myths about content

myths of facebook

Are you losing Facebook fans? The range is actually shrinking from entry to entry, and the battle for comments seems to be lost before you approve the content you're adding to the site. It's probably Facebook's fault. And if not, it's definitely some home-grown professionals have broken the market. Or maybe people have stopped using social networking at all ...

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Name Branding and Facebook - on the other side of the barricade

name branding

The majority of blog posts can be attributed to the category "what to do to make business easier". This time it will be a bit different. As I have a handful of friends working in recruitment for employment agencies and corporations, I collected an interview about the role that social networking and name branding play in their work. They are in ...

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How to separate private time from company time spent on Facebook at work

Facebook Social Media

Facebook does everything it can to monetize your time online when you're browsing videos, messenger, news or other elements of the portal. In today's world (especially in the West), you have to admit that Facebook is taking on a whole new role to which the portal itself admits: you spend all your day at work on Facebook. This new ...

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Facebook FAQ - How to do this and that

Facebook FAQ How to do this and that

From this article you will learn how to remove the fanpage, how to add admin to the fb, how to change the look of facebook and how to manage the company's facebook. How to change the fanpage to a profile? For some time now, Facebook has been providing the possibility to convert a personal profile to a fanpage. The whole procedure can be carried out from a dedicated format at You should ...

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TOP 10 Facebook Marketing Gafs

Facebook Gafy

Most entrepreneurs have already discovered how important Facebook is in marketing. Unfortunately, many of them have fallen back on the field of proper use of social media. If your Facebook marketing does not work, consider making one of the popular mistakes: You do not have an attractive profile photo The first impression is very important. Profile photo ...

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