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The most popular Youtubers and their recipe for success!


Popular and most popular youtubers - a recipe for success Twenty years ago, nobody seemed to even think that one day you could make a lot of money on your passion, without moving from your favourite armchair and without any financial investment. At that time, every parent felt justified in telling the child to stop ...

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4 Google Chrome extensions for YouTube users who are passionate about YouTube


Useful extensions to Google Chrome for YouTube fans YouTube boasts a powerful empire of more than billions of users worldwide who generate billions of views every day. If you have contributed to these stunning statistics, why not promote yourself while you usually upload videos to YouTube using ...

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Video clips in online marketing

Video Marketing

90% people who have a mobile phone are never further away from it than at your fingertips. And since today the phone is practically a portable screen, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the power of the film. Of course - this form of marketing has some disadvantages, with a price that makes it a text, not a ...

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Stories in marketing

Stories in Marketing

The topic has already been rewound here and there many times, but it's time to take it seriously. It's about stories in marketing, stories that make an advertisement work with the end of a video clip or even with the last sentence of an article. A story is something that speaks for morale, although ...

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Emotions in marketing

emotions in marketing

One of the key elements of the message that determines the success of a given clip, text or audio are emotions. Emotionally engaging content is shared by all of us much more willingly than even useful but emotionless articles. However, if you look at what effect they have, you will find that you can play on almost any note.

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