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Best Beauty Blogs Ranking 2020. Top Polish Blogs on Cosmetics

best birthing blogs

With the growing popularity of the beauty industry, there is also a growing demand for sources of professional knowledge related to it. In this case, as usual, beauty blogs come to our aid. This is the simplest and most accessible medium, which is also the most reader-friendly. Moreover, it can be easily expanded, ...

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Best Culinary Blogs 2020. Top Ranking of Polish Cooking Blogs.

TOP10- the best culinary blogs

In this article we will tell you what are the best culinary blogs and about cooking, we will mention culinary bloggers and show you the ranking. We invite you to read. Recently there is a fashion for cooking and baking. On TV we have a lot of programs devoted to cooking, baking cakes, and many stations offer a show where on screen rival ...

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Best Fashion Blogs 2020. Top Polish Blogs and Bloggers writing about Fashion.

TOP10 - the best fashion blogs

Fashion blogs and fashion blogs are the best example of how passion and knowledge of the subject can build a huge, faithful audience of readers. Below you will find a list of top fashion bloggers writing about fashion from Poland and the world! Popular fashion bloggers and their fashion blogs are proof that you can combine work with your ...

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Best Stock Exchange Blogs. Ranking of Polish market blogs

The best gield blogs

Polish stock market blogs (including financial ones) are the best example of how the Polish blogsfer is professionalised. Once founded largely by random people, now run mainly by professionals who know the corners of the stock market like the back of their hand. This is a very good phenomenon, because many people looking for information about the world ...

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Best Make-up Blogs 2020. Top Ranking of Polish Make-up Blogs.

Best Makeup Blogs

Best Make-up Blogs 2019 Make-up Blogs Ranking It is said that the most important thing is the first impression, and saying that appearance does not matter can be put between the fairy tales. That is why so many women (but not only!) are looking for makeup science blogs. Make-up blogs in Poland are something very popular. The best makeup blogs attract ...

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Best Parenting Blogs - Ranking 2020

best parenting blogs

Ranking Blogs Parenting Blogs are very significant in the Polish Internet. They are very high on the list of sites visited by women (but not only!) expecting a child. Raising a new person is, after all, a very difficult and engaging task, for which one has to prepare oneself very carefully. So-called blogs come to help ...

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Best Lifestyle Blogs 2020. Polish and International - Census

best lifestyle blogs

Polish lifestyle blogs are probably one of the most popular blogs in the online world. They are currently in their heyday and are extremely popular, so there is something for everyone. It is hard to really define the most popular lifestyle blog. There is certainly no single, consistent definition that defines from ...

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Diet blogs. Best Polish Diet Blogs

diet blogs

We are more and more often met with opinions that getting a slim, so-called fit figure or even just maintaining it is a dream of most of us. We are more and more aware and we know that a bad diet and an unhealthy lifestyle is not only about losing weight, but above all about losing health and well-being. Like ...

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Best Polish Financial Blogs 2020.

best financial blogs

Financial blogs ... Year after year, there is a significant increase in the percentage of the population that tries to live according to their budget and manage their finances sensibly, taking into account many aspects. It is no wonder that financial blogs are becoming more and more popular among Internet users, and they are rapidly breaking through the rankings and ...

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10 useful tips when working with a marketing company

Marketing companies help you to create websites, create marketing campaigns and build a social media presence. A successful collaboration with such companies can be one of the better investments you will make. The data collected by Hubspot shows that most companies face some challenges in terms of marketing: For this reason, hiring an agency ...

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Best Polish Travel Blogs 2020. Top Ranking of Polish Blogs

the best blogs about subcutting top ranking 2018

Some of us may be planning long journeys around Australia, Asia or South America. Others want to discover extraordinary places in Poland and Europe. Below is a subjective list of the best travel blogs that will inspire you to travel and provide you with information on how to travel and how to find out more about the ...

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AccuRanker - the fastest and most accurate module for tracking positions in search engines

AccuRanker is the world's fastest and most accurate search engine tracking module. The software provides more than 20,000 clients with features they "can't live without". In-depth analysis combined with a powerful infrastructure eliminates guesswork and provides fast and up-to-date data in return. The cloud-based platform means that regardless ...

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7 high quality online tools to improve local marketing

Local companies are looking for marketing opportunities on the Internet. Even if your potential customers are in close proximity, the way people find out about companies has changed. Mobile has become an important element and potential customers often look for reviews and further information from a nearby location. To meet this high demand, ...

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Social media marketing. How to start?

The fact that nowadays almost every initiative needs activity in social media is a truism, but for the sake of order, I will repeat it here - in the 21st century almost every project needs activity in social media. The point is that although everyone knows it, hardly anyone can take care of the matter sensibly. ...

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Days on Snap - what are they, how to recover and restore?

how to get your days back on snap

Recovering the days on the snap All this must happen within 24 hours, only this way you won't lose days on Snap and the number next to the fire icon will keep increasing. Will Snapchat warn us before he erases the number of days and the fire icon next to a friend's nick? It turns out so. . .

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Vortex Cloud Gaming

vortex cloud gaming

Vortex Cloud Gaming is a cloud streaming service that connects the player to dedicated game servers to stream games to your mobile phone, laptop or smart TV. The player chooses games from a personal game library that are pre-installed on Vortex Cloud Gaming servers and enjoy smooth desktop gameplay available on the Vortex Cloud Gaming servers ...

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RSS reader what it is and if it works, how to add feed to pages

which is an rss reader

What is an RSS reader? Nowadays, there are so many portals that we are interested in, that it is almost impossible to constantly go to each one of them and check whether any of them has published new content. The solution to this problem has become RSS, which made it possible to sort the content from many sources ...

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Blik - Where do I pay, comfort, security, opportunity

Where? What? How to pay the blik system

Where can you pay with Blik? What is Blik and where can you pay with Blik? Blik is a payment method available in a mobile application, which was developed in cooperation with six Polish banks: PKO BP, mBank, ING Bank Śląski, BZ WBK, Bank Millennium and Alior Bank. The beginnings of Blik date back to 2013, when the banks agreed on ...

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Tik Tok what is this application. How do I create and delete an account?

Pretty woman sitting in bed and makes selfie

What is TikTok? What is TikTok? TikTok is the world's popular platform for recording and viewing short films on mobile devices. The aim of creators is to capture and express the power of creativity from around the world, the knowledge of filmmakers and the moments that are important every day. TikTok can make any ...

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How To Take Good Pictures With Selfie Stick

How to Take Good Pictures With Selfie Stick with a Stick

What is self-portrait? Self-portrait is a kind of self-portrait in the form of a photograph, usually taken from a phone, digital camera, camera or tablet held in hand or on a self-portrait pole. Self-portrait usually presents itself (in this case, the person who photographs himself) or a reflection of that person in a mirror. self-portrait usually presents only ...

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What is Brand24, how to analyse the results, does it work and sells?

what is brand24

What is BRAND24? BRAND24 is the most popular Internet and social media monitoring tool in Poland. BRAND24 allows you to get access to opinions about your company, product, competitors or simply keywords of your choice. BRAND24 offers instant access to billions of Polish language references from social media such as ...

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How to start working and become a social media specialist

How to start working and become a social media specialist

This article is based on an email I wrote as an answer to an inquiry from one of my sincere colleagues. I am directing it to young people (whom I have always been very supportive of), and also to those who have decided to change their career path. I do not touch on any technicians. I focus exclusively on this ...

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How to install a shop, set up a domain and others in Shopify

How in Shopify to install a shop to set up a domain and other

How does Shopify work? Shopify is a platform for creating online shops. With Shopify you can create an e-shop without any technical knowledge, you do not need to make any updates yourself - everything is done automatically. No access to the software code prevents hacking. With Shopify you can sell an unlimited number of products with all variants ...

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How do you turn on, off, restore, get and create on Snap?

How to turn off the turn off the capture and create On Snap

How do I turn the map on and off on Snapchat? Snapchat Map allows users to keep track of public posts related to specific locations where they are located. If we enable this feature, our location will be updated in Snap Map every time we run Snapchat. The exact location data will only be displayed for a short time, but general ...

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Free Internet Courses and Training. Online for Free and Certified

Free Internet Courses and Online Training

Free Internet courses The Internet is an integral part of our lives. Every day we follow social media, pay bills, buy, watch TV series on Netflix or funny cat videos on YouTube. On the way to work we listen to music on Spotify, send snaps and contact our friends. The Internet gives us unlimited access to entertainment. Thanks ...

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Facebook and Movies - how to download (download) a movie from fb

how to download the fb movie

On Facebook, we can watch, download, share and add videos. Recently, Facebook has added a new functionality for its users. With Facebook Watch, we can watch and save videos that will be of interest to us. How to download (download) a video from FB There are different methods of downloading videos from Facebook depending on the ...

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Content Marketing - how to become a specialist and attract customers

how to become a social media specialist

We live in a time when the success of a company or brand depends on visibility on the Internet. It is not enough to create a website to increase your sales and the number of loyal customers. The success strategy must be based on SEO, SEM, content marketing and social media activity. How to attract customers with content ...

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Facebook and advertising - how much does it cost, types of advertising, how the price is calculated

facebook advertising types price

By the end of the year, Facebook was already used by about 2.2 billion people. Facebook, seeing a huge marketing potential, has given us the right tools to promote our products and brands. Thanks to them, we can reach our potential customers on the basis of demographics, locations, interests and even behaviors. We can always contact people who want to use ...

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3 simple copywriter recipes for catchy headlines in social media

In social media, seconds count. The recipient makes a decision in the blink of an eye whether he or she reads the post, clicks on the displayed article or continues to scroll the board. His or her attention is distracted by hundreds of stimuli. For copywriters, this means new challenges and the need to quickly attract the recipient's attention. In social media, more frequently than in ...

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Instagram - how to add, delete, get like and promote an account


How does Instagram work? Instagram is an extremely popular Facebook application, which is primarily designed to share photos and videos with other users. Just like on Facebook, we can track other users, observe their activity, comment, share and respond to the photos and videos you upload. We can search for photos of items or topics that ...

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Skype - how to create an account, delete and call for free

When was Skype created? The most popular Skype communicator was founded in 2003 by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis from Sweden. Skype software was developed by Estonians Ahti Heinl, Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn. The first public beta version of Skype was released on 29 August 2003.

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WhatsApp - where to download, how to install, is it free in 2019

How does WhatsApp work? WhatsApp is an extremely popular worldwide mobile application for communication between users. It allows you to replace regular SMS. About one billion active users worldwide use WhatsApp services. The application uses the Internet connection between phones and is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile...

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WordPress hosting - what's the best and even free to choose

Do you need professional, fast and dedicated WordPress hosting? Do you like cPanel but don't want to overpay? This article is for you. When setting up your website on WordPress, we have to take care of proper hosting. The choice of hosting affects many Google ranking factors, such as how fast the website is loaded. What do we have to follow when choosing the right hosting? ...

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Free phone location

Losing a smartphone is one of the most terrifying experiences in the modern world. We have in it our contact details, our personal details, personal photos and perhaps even financial data, for example a file. It's a treasure for thieves and other fraudsters. Fortunately, there are some applications and methods that allow you to recover your phone...

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Tinder or Badoo? Better? Worth what?

In this article we will tell you what's better about tinder or badoo? Is tinder paid or free? Is it worth using it and we will also answer the question if tinder publishes on facebook. Wondering if you should choose Badoo or Tinder? Read this article. Every fourth relationship starts now in ...

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How to Make an Intrernet Site

In this article you will learn how to make a website in HTML for free and even in a notebook. Step by step we will explain how to make your own website. Nowadays, in the age of social media, having a website seems completely unnecessary. Nothing could be more wrong! A website is one of the most important elements ...

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a process that uses software to perform repetitive marketing tasks aimed at gaining sales leads, personalizing marketing messages and content, and saving time and effort for marketers. By automating many of these tasks, users can more effectively send the right messages to the right user at the right time. Marketing automation what ...

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How to protect a company name from unfair competition?

Today, there is a lot of competition in almost every industry. To stand out from the crowd, entrepreneurs use different methods. Whatever they try, however, each of them starts by choosing a more or less original name. It is this name that allows customers to make an informed choice. And with time, it is the brand that becomes ...

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Google Ranking Factors

factor-ranking google

Google evaluates websites by 200 ranking factors, which are constantly being modified and updated. Introducing these factors is a guarantee of higher visibility of the website in the search engine and more traffic. One Twitter user asked John Mueller, one of Google's main analysts, what is the main factor influencing ...

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Advertising and AdWords Campaign - how it works, how to get started and how to select keywords


The AdWords sponsored links campaign is a Google advertising system operating since 2000. Google's website displays sponsored links on displayed places in the search engine. AdWords is based on cookies and key phrases selected by advertisers. The increase in advertising revenue shows that more and more entrepreneurs see the effectiveness of this form of promotion. In 2012 ...

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Who's Influencer? - Influencers and Influence Marketing


Who is an Influencer? An Influencer is a person who influences the opinion of other people. A person who builds lasting relationships with many recipients, who strongly identify with him. Most often it is a blogger, vloger, a person active on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, who has a large audience. An effective Influencer must have range, credibility and ...

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Content Marketing - what is it? Definition and examples

content-marketing-co-to is

Many marketing professionals repeat like the mantra Content is king. What is content marketing and why is it so important for companies? What is content marketing? Content marketing is an elaborate strategy for attracting and retaining customers by means of attractive and practical content. The content provided must be tailored to a specific audience group ...

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GoldenLine and Professional Profile


Recently, networking has been gaining more and more popularity. It is establishing business relations, maintaining contacts, building professional relations and exchanging knowledge and experience in business. Networking is gaining more and more recognition and importance in Poland, especially among young entrepreneurs. GoldenLine - Polish leader in networking The biggest Polish networking service is GoldenLine ...

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Tinder - what is a dating portal and how to use it

tinder- what-is-what-is-what-is-what-go-go

Dating Portal Tinder - In recent years, the Internet has revolutionized the way we meet other people or date. Today, all we have to do is install the right application, create a profile that will present us with the best of the best. The applications will show us people with similar preferences, interests. When we find someone who fits our preferences ...

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How to create a blog on WordPress step by step


How to set up a blog on WordPress When setting up a company's website or online shop, it is worth adding valuable content on a regular basis. Not only does it increase search engine visibility through the use of popular keywords, but it also increases the number of sessions on our website. Blog on a website - is it worth setting up? Setting up a blog on WordPress is ...

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Snapchat - what is it and how to use it - Tutorial


Since 2011, millions of people around the world have been sending snaps to other users. Robert Murphy and Evan Spiegel, the founders of Snapchat, have revolutionised the way Snapchat communicates. About 190 million people around the world use the application, more than 100 million of them use Snapchat every day. In Poland, Snapchat is used by about 1.2 million people, and ...

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Postfits - your social media planner


Social media have been present in our reality for good. Maybe it wasn't so much the real one that crept in, as it created a parallel virtual world. Or rather, it was us humans who created it. If we are so comfortable to communicate without moving from the chair, why not make our life ...

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PublBox Day Product №1 on Product Hunt


There are particularly exciting moments in the life of every company, which can be compared to a debut on the red carpet or a scientific discovery. For the launch of PublBox this moment came - it fully entered the English market, in other words the Poduct Hunt, where the best new projects are presented every day, including mobile applications, websites, ...

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Twitter - profile, accounts, friends, hashtags, followers - what and how


Learn how to set up and delete an account on Twitter Internet users can add "quarter" on the web since March 21, 2006. Anyone who registers their account can create short messages, not exceeding 280 characters. It is a very popular medium among politicians, celebrities, media, NGOs and think-tanks. Recently it has been ...

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How to use Pinterest? Adding, promoting a photo and more.


How does Pinterest work? Pinterest is a social networking site that has been operating since 2010, allowing you to discover and collect creative ideas on the Internet. Its name is derived from the words: "pin" (pin) and "interest" (interest). By creating an account on the site, you can create thematic "Boards" (Boards), to which you can pin the photos or videos you are interested in. By creating a structured ...

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How to create, hide, delete a profile and sell on LinkedIn.

like linkedin

Since 2003, the LinkedIn social network has been operating on the Internet to facilitate business and professional relations. Over the years, the service has been gaining more and more users and its popularity is still growing. It is worth taking advantage of this service to develop your own career or brand. How to make a good profile on LinkedIn? Profile on ...

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11 Best Marketing Tools for Social Media Channel Management


In this article we will describe social media marketing tools for managing social media channels. You will learn what it is like to follow the competition in social media channels, what social media tracking tools are available on the market and what software to choose to monitor social media. Creating high quality content for a blog or website is ...

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Privacy on Facebook - what you should do to protect your privacy on Facebook


Over the past year, Facebook has been widely criticised for the privacy of its users and the way information is shared on their profiles. Since Facebook's privacy settings can sometimes be difficult to decipher, this makes it difficult for platform users to understand what information is publicly visible and what is not. As a result, this often leads to ...

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Blogging Tips for Marketing Managers


Many bloggers have or have had to deal with the marketing or business industry. This is quite a typical situation: they start to research a topic, discover that blogging can be a source of income, and then they want to try their hand at writing for profit. People involved in marketing and business areas have great ability to prepare a business plan, research ...

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9 tips on how to position in the new SEO


Writing a blog post requires certain skills; the same goes for other forms of writing. In order to maintain the interest of your readers, you should think about the structure of what you want to write and how to make the text that comes out of your pen attractive You can help your readers to understand the main idea of the text by placing ...

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How to Organize Business in Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate marketing requires work. It's not a way to make a quick profit. In fact, you'll probably never really be rich, but you can make a good living from it - if you put the right amount of work into it. One of the most important success factors in affiliate marketing is the organization. Otherwise, your efforts may be ...

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The evolution of conversation with clients: the conversation and its clients.


Conversacial customers have exclusive access to Facebook Messenger chat with UK retailer Argos, Latin American airline Volaris and German e-commerce vendor Zalando Gartner predicts that in 2019, customer support requests through the Messenger application will exceed customer support requests through public media ...

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How to increase the Conversion Factor on Twitter.


Social media sites have become part of the daily lives of most people. Portals such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest and others have millions of users who spend time on their personal profiles or other sites, making these sites ideal for presenting their company and marketing their brand, products or services...

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Increase Online Sales via Twitter


Before you start a Twitter promotion, it is important to make sure that your account is functioning properly. A Twitter account for business purposes should first of all have a well taken profile photo and a properly designed background. Basic principles The importance of a well chosen profile photo cannot be overstated. This is an indicator of how seriously you take ...

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Are we on the eve of the fall of Snap?


Snap's quotations fell by 16 percent. The company recorded a net loss of USD 443.2 million. Revenue: USD 207.9 million versus USD 236.9 million expected Earnings: loss of 14 cents per share versus a loss of 15 cents per share Daily number of active users (DAU): 178 million versus an expected 181.8 ...

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Vodafone has entered the Internet Things market

Screenshot 2017-11-07 22.56.56

Vodafone entered the consumer marketplace Internet of Things (IoT), introducing "V by Vodafone", enabling consumers to combine millions of home and leisure electronic products with the Group's dedicated global IoT network - the largest of its kind in the world. IoT technologies provide a wide range of devices with intelligence connected to the Internet. Analysts estimate that by 2020, in ...

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Salesforce and partnership with Google


Marc Benioff and Salesforce are working with Google in one of the most important branches of new technologies, i.e. cloud computing. In their strategic partnership announced on Monday, Salesforce and Google revealed plans to integrate a Google office software package called G Suite with the basic Salesforce platform, to integrate Google Analytics with Salesforce marketing software and to ...

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Facebook launches personal payments in the UK.


Facebook has launched a personal payment service in the UK, extending the reach of the social network to financial services by gaining market shares reserved by Apple. The Messenger application of the American technology giant allows users to instantly send money back and forth to their mobile phones or computers free of charge. Simply add a payment card to your account ...

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How to develop a Content Marketing Strategy for your blog.


Setting up a blog on your company's website can help you reach more audiences, build up your company's authority and encourage visitors to return to the site. However, you can't just put any content in there and count on someone to take an interest in it. You need a plan. A carefully developed strategy focuses your efforts ...

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Telemarketing vs. E-mail

people-2588594_1280 (1)

If there is an industry that has been completely revolutionised during the dawn of the digital age, it is marketing and advertising. Even now, marketing gurus adapt to all the latest trends to gain an advantage over their competitors. In addition to these latest tricks, trends and marketing strategies, there are two tried and tested and reliable ways to mention: ...

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Why use a landing page in social media marketing.

landing page Landings

Find out what the landing page is used for and how to use it effectively in social media activities. Many potentially interesting marketing campaigns fail due to minor technical shortcomings. One of the frequent problems is the lack of an effective landing page that closes the process. You can have a well-chosen target group and ...

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Key e-mail marketing indicators


Email marketing, in other words, mailing or simply newsletter, is still one of the most popular methods used by marketing departments in various companies to communicate with their customers. Modern tools allow you to study the effectiveness of the messages sent and answer the most important question: what to do to make the newsletter bring more ...

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Marketing loves emotions


Emotions are a force that drives many processes, and they are the ones that make us take up some activity or give up another one. We know from psychology that emotionally charged positive or negative content stays in our memory longer than neutral content that we easily forget. So if we want to make a customer choose our brand, take advantage of ...

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Advertising must not stun


The old-fashioned advertising intensity was proverbial. Unfortunately, it is not so ubiquitous anymore. Almost forty percent of respondents declared in surveys that they use applications that deactivate the message, in which predatory advertising forms the majority. What is the advice? A form that gives a chance to reach ...

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8 most important ingredients of placemaking


By 2017, 2 million sq.m of retail space will be available on the Polish market. Nowadays, people prefer to shop on the Internet, so in order to attract them to the centre, they need to be provided with entertainment that will make them want to spend their free time there. The same is true of office space, in ...

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7 ways to quickly expand your mailing database


Email marketing is one of the most effective and at the same time very disliked tools among marketers. Newsletters made quickly, without any idea and basically as long as they do not bring the intended results and frustrate both customers, who often get nothing worth spamming, and marketers, who do not have enough time or knowledge to ...

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Advertising - a means of mass stupidity


Even if we decided to give up television, we would still not be able to escape the flood of pop-culture information, which even subconsciously drills into our brains to shape the way we perceive the world, because the ads are also on the internet or ...

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How to find a good copywriter?


Every reasonable businessman will agree that running your own effective promotional activities requires unique SEO content, which in an appropriate way adapted to the properly processed promotional material, will certainly contribute to bringing closer the goal, which in turn is to attract valuable users, or to increase the page's audience, as well as ...

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E-commerce - the five most common mistakes that can be made when creating an e-shop


A real revolution has taken place before our very eyes over the last dozen or so years. Poles started to shop online en masse. Nowadays, more than half of Internet users do it. The number of online shops is growing at an alarming rate. Until ten years ago, it was possible to talk about up to three thousand e-shops. Today this number oscillates around 20 ...

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The 10 Most Popular Sites That Pay for Writing


Content marketing helps companies to grow and maintain a strong web presence. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques allows you to strategically advance to a higher position in search engine rankings on the web. When web users enter the Internet, they usually look for something specific. Internet users type in the appropriate sets of words or sentences to search for ...

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Boring Product Marketing


There is no shortage of marketing techniques available for online entrepreneurs who want to achieve spectacular results. Unfortunately, many of these techniques focus on luxury industries with an enthusiastic customer base. When you have a solid audience that is willing to spread the knowledge about your product, marketing becomes much easier. However, if you promote less desirable ...

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5 Quick Techniques for Updating Content Blog


Dedicated bloggers are gradually adding more and more content to their website. If you keep your blog on a consistent schedule, traffic should start to increase as soon as the content reaches more people. In most cases, only a small part of the articles will be regularly visited, while the rest will disappear deep into the background. Keeping ...

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10 WordPress plug-ins that you should use


WordPress is one of the most popular website creation platforms on which poand 25% of all websites available on the web is built. Its popularity is mainly based on simple operation, but without significant changes you will not use the full potential of the platform. You should take into account aspects such as: permlinks, theme themes ...

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6 Ways of Marketing with a Small Budget


Marketing Budget and effective ways to invest it - Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on marketing campaigns. In fact, for small businesses, online marketing is a luxury, and often they are unable to afford to invest time and money to cover basic social media campaigns or to ...

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The most popular Youtubers and their recipe for success!


Popular and most popular youtubers - a recipe for success Twenty years ago, nobody seemed to even think that one day you could make a lot of money on your passion, without moving from your favourite armchair and without any financial investment. At that time, every parent felt justified in telling the child to stop ...

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5 free Apps for Android that will improve your work with Dropbox.


Consider increasing the functionality of your already successful Dropbox account by using the features of your smartphone or tablet on Android. There are currently several free apps that you can download for free from Google Play that will make your Dropbox even more versatile than before. Here you can read about five of them. Plain.txt ...

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7 Excellent Marketing Tools to Spy on Your Competitors


Business owners who are online are constantly trying to find a new threshold. In many cases, this means analyzing your own business to identify small changes that may improve the results. There are various analytical tools that will give you accurate information about your website traffic, advertising, social media and conversions. These ...

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Useful Chrome Extensions


Useful and interesting extensions and additions under Google Chrome From an extension for Chrome that allows you to send an email from Gmail as an SMS, to one that automatically includes your email address and credit card number in the form field - it looks like Chrome lovers will soon ...

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Group on FB - ownership by founder or community in the context of closing the fb business group for women


The beginning of July was marked by an affair and a storm that shook the world of seemingly enterprising women. The women's group led by Urszula Bielska - Phelep was closed and archived by its administrator, and the administrator herself offered to take part in a new group, but not all of them will be admitted. The new group was launched ...

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Facebook has again blocked right-wing fanpage - discrimination or censorship


At the end of July, Facebook was inundated with a wave of indignation over another blocking of some sites and fanpages. It turned out that in just one day, as many as 300 right-wing places that violated Facebook's rules or were simply duplicating content from other places were blocked or liquidated. Such an action was widely criticized in the community as ...

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A blogger to a blogger... a wolf - about wars and wars.


The world of Polish bloggers is sometimes a real jungle, where only the best can cope. Unfortunately, our mentality is such that if someone is doing well, it is better to just throw a log under their feet, than to move their honourable head to gain a wider group of readers or to arouse a larger ...

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⚠️ Tiger: A fatal accident or a planned viral action


The whole Internet is buzzing with indignation caused by the graphics published on Instagram by a marketing agency promoting the brand Tiger Energy Drink. On the first of August, on the 73rd anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, Tiger's profile published an outrageous advertising post, which at the same time tarnished and trampled over a historical event sacred to Poles, and at the same time, quite sharply divided users ...

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4 Google Chrome extensions for YouTube users who are passionate about YouTube


Useful extensions to Google Chrome for YouTube fans YouTube boasts a powerful empire of more than billions of users worldwide who generate billions of views every day. If you have contributed to these stunning statistics, why not promote yourself while you usually upload videos to YouTube using ...

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Add-ons, extensions and plugins to Google Chrome for Facebook users


From this article you will learn what the FB visitors extension is, what the Facebook plug-ins for Chrome are and why it is worth downloading them. Plugins, extensions and add-ons for Google Chrome for Facebook Facebook Facebook is currently used by more than one billion active users every day, which, according to research conducted by Brandwatch, means ...

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Tresorit, Spideroak, Moses - Safe Encrypted Cloud for Business

tresorit-spideroak-mozy reviews

In a documented case, a federal judge in Minnesota approved a fine of approximately $10 million for violations that led to the leakage of credit and debit card information from customers. Another time, a hacker attack on the Apple cloud resulted in intimate photos of celebrities being made available to the public and a defamatory disclosure of customer data by Ashley Martin, who ...

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5 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Gmail Users

chrome extensions

Google Chrome and Gmail Extensions - what's worth knowing about messages, mail and backup. Is your Gmail account the main hub for personal and corporate correspondence? So consider matching this with a set of ingenious extensions you can use with Google Chrome. The following five tools for your browser ...

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Workplace by Facebook - 10 reasons to start using


2 billion active users per month, of which 307 million in Europe. Facebook can boast of such statistics. For many companies, this result is virtually unattainable despite many factors such as a huge budget or the ideal moment to enter the market. These figures show how many people know the specifics of Facebook and know ...

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Fictional characters and social media


Marketing campaigns, and certainly those associated with the wider use of various types of social media, where interaction with users and fostering ties with the audience is a daily bread, are based on a positive emotional message, which helps to build a good image. On this occasion, the use of fictional characters can be helpful. Heroes of interest ...

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Real time marketing - how to use it


Real time marketing is one of the most difficult marketing tools, but at the same time it is one of those with incredible potential. A good sense of timing, vigilance and perceptiveness, as well as ingenuity and creativity can be a way to achieve spectacular success. However, real time marketing is also a very perverse tool, whose incompetent use or misuse ...

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Messenger BOT - how to take care of your customers, saving time and costs.


Nowadays, it is the responsibility of a respectable brand to use social media to contact its customers. In building a modern marketing strategy, you cannot overlook the Facebook-connected Messenger, which is already used by more than 1.2 billion active users! You would like to make your brand stand out from the rest and attract ...

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