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How to permanently and permanently delete and liquidate your Facebook account

how to delete an fb account

In this article we will tell you whether and how to delete and liquidate your account and profile on fb Creating a Facebook account is just a few clicks, confirmation and registration ready. Removing it is almost like logging out of the world altogether. It requires a dozen or so confirmations, a grace period, waiting and another confirmation, because the portal gives you ...

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Social Media Training

Lukasz Zelezny Social Media Training

Social Media Training in London - Effective Tactics for your Business! Workshop from Social Media 15 November 2016, 18:15 - 20:15, Coach: Łukasz Żelezny Alternatively, try social media webinar online at Zelezny.Uk You feel you never have enough time for social media? Join a marketing expert - Łukasz ...

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How to use social media in a restaurant to gain new customers and increase turnover?

In recent years, competition on the restaurant market in Poland has become stronger - the number of restaurants has increased significantly, Poles travel more and their requirements are growing. Culinary programs are popular, which can easily promote a restaurant, but also quickly expose the mistakes and bring it down. Fight for the customer ...

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20 tips on how to properly maintain a Twitter account


Social Media service seems to be trivial, and most of us have accounts on many channels, from Facebook to Snapchat, Instagram to Twitter. Those who are successful on Facebook think that they'll also go to Snapchat or Twitter. Well, not always. Every channel is to each other ...

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Wrr instead of a complaint? What will be the effect of the new Facebook responses.

Emoji face

Looking through our Facebook feed we can find everything - photos of friends from holidays, photos of friends' children, their dogs and cats, the whole spectrum of emotional states and activities, from "lazy", through "enlightened", "pissed" to "changing the world" and "fulfilling wishes". We see who travels where and with whom. We pour, we comment. Suddenly ...

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Running a blog in college - how to organise yourself

Studying is one of the most creative periods in life. There is no denying that students are an important group of people operating in various areas of social media. Few people are aware, however, that according to common research, between the ages of 21-24 years old a person reaches his or her peak of intellectual skills, learning skills. Following the current ...

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Stories in marketing

Stories in Marketing

The topic has already been rewound here and there many times, but it's time to take it seriously. It's about stories in marketing, stories that make an advertisement work with the end of a video clip or even with the last sentence of an article. A story is something that speaks for morale, although ...

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Controversy - Attracting attention, but threatening not only the court


It is said that there is no better way to attract attention than to publish controversial material. This principle is applied by entrepreneurs all over the world. Some have already found out that it is not a good method at all, others have not yet, but if you are also among those who think that attracting attention is all ...

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Campaign timeline in six steps

Socialmedia Pory

There are two types of issues in Internet promotion: the more philosophical ones, i.e. what and how to inform so that one can say that the advertisement is effective, and the technical issues that talk about the means of communication and certain issues related to reaching the recipient. Unfortunately, this second group of issues ...

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Facebook FAQ - How to do this and that

Facebook FAQ How to do this and that

From this article you will learn how to remove the fanpage, how to add admin to the fb, how to change the look of facebook and how to manage the company's facebook. How to change the fanpage to a profile? For some time now, Facebook has been providing the possibility to convert a personal profile to a fanpage. The whole procedure can be carried out from a dedicated format at You should ...

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Emotions in marketing

emotions in marketing

One of the key elements of the message that determines the success of a given clip, text or audio are emotions. Emotionally engaging content is shared by all of us much more willingly than even useful but emotionless articles. However, if you look at what effect they have, you will find that you can play on almost any note.

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Viral - A little theory on information distribution


Viral - What is it and how to make a viral? Viral is a beautiful thing, the Golden Grail of marketing. Many wonder how to make a good viral. Unfortunately, most of them are made by accident. Meanwhile, there are some fairly simple rules that allow you to consciously and effectively build viral content. However, because the whole theory requires quite a ...

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